Reminder to Property Owners to look out for their 2018 Notice of Value

Each May the Appraisal District sends the Notice of Appraised Value for all properties listed on the appraisal records to the owner of record as of January 1st.  This year, the notices will be mailed on May 2. These notices are perhaps the most important piece of mail you will receive from the Appraisal District […]

Options for People with Delinquent Property Taxes

January 31, 2018 was the deadline to timely pay 2017 property taxes.  These tax statements (bills) went out in October, 2017 and were due upon receipt.  I also published an article regarding these bills informing taxpayers of their options to pay these bills prior to the delinquency date.  Beginning February 1st, 2018 penalties and interest […]

Rendition Deadline Changed to April 1

Per HB 2228, effective January 1, 2018, “rendition statements and property reports for property located in an appraisal district in which one or more taxing units exempt property under Section 11.251 must be delivered to the chief appraiser not later than April 1.  Fannin County, the City of Bonham and Bonham ISD grant the Freeport […]

Property Tax Payment Tips January

As the end of January approaches, taxpayers wanting to avoid costly penalties and interest are reminded that the date property taxes for 2017 become delinquent is February 1, 2018.  Many taxpayers choose to wait until the last day to pay their tax.  People that choose to pay in person during the last week of January […]

Tax Statements (Bills) for 2017

Property Tax Statements (Bills) for 2017 Tax Year The collections phase of the tax calendar for 2017 has begun.  Property Tax Statements (Tax Bills) were mailed to all owners of property in Fannin County on October 6th.  If you own property in Fannin County and have not received your bill by mid-October, please contact the […]

Notice of Availability of Electronic Communications

January 10, 2017   Notice of Availability of Electronic Communications   Fannin County Property Owners — Chief appraisers of county appraisal districts, appraisal districts, and appraisal review boards may communicate electronically through email or other methods with property owners or their designated representatives. Electronic communication for the purpose of delivering notices, applications, and other documents […]

Fannin CAD Encourages Homeowners to Take Advantage of Homestead Exemptions

Date January 9, 2017   Fannin Central Appraisal District Encourages Homeowners to Take Advantage of Homestead Exemptions One of the easiest ways a homeowner can lower his or her property tax bill in 2017 is to file a homestead exemption. A homestead is generally the house and land used as the owner’s principal residence on Jan. […]