PRESS RELEASE April 2, 2020

EXTENSION OF 2020 FILING DEADLINES RENDITION STATEMENTS: The April 15th deadline in Section 22.23(a) of the Texas Property Tax Code, for filing Renditions, is hereby automatically extended to May 15, 2020. The requirement under Section 22.23(b), to request the extension in writing, is hereby waived for the 2020 tax year.

NOTE: It should be noted that extended deadlines already exist in the Texas Property Tax Code for the following exemptions and do not require action by the chief appraiser to further extend the existing “late filing” provisions in the Code.

Section 11.431 (Late Application for Homestead Exemptions);

Section 11.433 (Late Application for Religious Organization Exemption);

Section 11.434 (Late Application for School Exemption);

Section 11.435 (Late Application for Charitable Organization Exemption);

Section 11.439 (Late Application for Disabled Veteran Exemption);

Section 11.4391(Late Application for Freeport Exemption).


Issued by Mike Jones, Chief Appraiser, April 2, 2020